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Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading Club 2023

Journey Through Time!


The reading club is a great way to keep your kids engaged in learning over the summer, & help them succeed in school!

This year’s theme is Journey Through Time!

Children who read over the summer do better in school! Libraries across BC are here to help.

When kids sign up, they will receive a reading record, a book mark, and stickers.

After completing your reading goals for seven weeks, readers will be rewarded with the highly coveted summer reading club award. Everyone has a chance to receive a award!

2-4 Fridays 11am
5-8 Tuesdays 1 – 2:30pm
9-12 Wednesdays 1 – 2:30pm

Register HERE

for the libraries Summer Reading Club!
grab a physical form/brochure from the library during our opening hours.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns,
don’t hesitate to contact any library staff at 250-357-2312
email Bridget (Summer Reading Club Coordinator) at

What does the Summer Reading Club look like this year?

We’ll be inside and outside this year, weekly (weather permitting). We’ll be doing crafts, dance parties, contests with prizes to give away, and of course, reading stories!

With the BC Summer Reading Club app, kids/adults can track their weekly reading goals online! Through this app, your child can expect to find fun games, activities, instructions for crafts, and book suggestions!

It’s encouraged and possible to have a physical reading log too!
Simply come to the library any time we’re open to pick one up!

How do I sign up for the app?

Sign up is simple!

STEP 1: Create an account through the BC Summer Reading Club Page.

STEP 2: Sign your children up using a nickname.

STEP 3: Sign in.



Once you’re signed in, your child will have access to their online Summer Reading Log!

There, they can check off whether they have completed their reading goal of the day.
After completing your goal for 7 days, you’ll receive a cool badge!

Register here for the online Provincial Summer Reading Club Page.


Can my child enter if we’re not here in the summer?
Not a problem!
Registration materials can be picked up at the beginning of the summer and used anywhere throughout July and August.  Medals for children who have completed the program will be available until the end of September.

What if my child isn’t reading yet?
Children of all ages and reading levels are welcome.
Younger children can have stories read to them!
We have books and suggestions to help beginners too.
We love matching kids with books!



I want to participate in SRC, but do not want to register online. What do I do?
You can still participate in the weekly activities and you can connect with your local library to find out about picking up a print reading record.

What should my daily reading goal be?
This summer, we’ve decided to leave this to be a pretty broad term.
Staff at the library would suggest reading one book or chapter a day, but this could be something completely up to you and your child’s reading level!