1.   The Library welcomes gifts of money, securities, books, non­-print material, equipment, and furnishings, materials and services that help it provide library service to the community. These gifts must meet the same standards applied to the acquisition of new materials.

2.   Gifts are accepted only on the principle that the Library has complete jurisdiction over the disposition of the gift. Any conditions attached to donations must be considered and approved by the Library Board. If the materials are not suitable because of condition,datedness, or other factors, they will be disposed of bydonation, exchange, or sale, or will be discarded. Items are sometimes accepted as gifts although they would not ordinarily be purchased. These include replacements, denominational literature, expensiveitems of limited interest, and local, privately printed and highly technical materials. The Library will ensure thatdonations do not unduly influence the nature of library collections or services.

3.   The Library reserves the right to refuse gifts when they:

a)   Do not fit Library policies or goals, and

b)   Will not help the Library meet its goal of enhancing  services.

4.   All monetary donations will be used at the discretion of the Library Board.

5.   In the case of bequests, memorials, or gifts of new books, an appropriate bookplate may be placed within the book, if requested by the donor.

6.   The issuance of tax receipts will occur only at the request of the donor if valued at less than $20.00 and will be automatically issued when the value of the gift is $20.00 or greater.

7.   Sponsorship is a commercial arrangement offering a promotional opportunity for a sponsor, in return for financial or other benefits to the Library. An arrangement will generally be oriented towards specific programs, goods, services or operations of the Library(i.e. Fall Fair). The sponsorship will be for a specific period of time. Sponsorships will be sought from organization having appropriate and compatible corporate policies and values to those of the Library.